Chemistry of Essential Oils

When I first started using essential oils I was amazed at how quickly and completely they seemed to work! My first experience personally was with a blend doTERRA sells called DigestZen. I had temporary stomach upset whenever I ate dairy products. After just a few minutes of applying 1 drop of DigestZen (diluted with a little fractionated coconut oil) to my stomach, I felt so much better!! The craziest part is after a couple weeks of using this oil, I found myself no longer needing to use it when I ate dairy products. What was going on and how was this little drop of oil doing so many powerful things to my body? It caused me to get curious and I started to do a LOT of reading about essential oils and chemistry. This was truly remarkable because I NEVER liked chemistry in school!! LOL!!

One of the things I love so much about doTERRA is how they keep update and relevant on research and development of essential oils. Shortly after I became a Wellness Advocate, I was introduced to Dr. Hill and had the opportunity to hear him speak several times. I am so amazed at his knowledge and how he can make chemistry fun and interesting even for a "chemistry-hater" like me!

We are so lucky to have Dr. Hill as one of our executives! Essential oils became much less confusing and more useable as soon as I learned more about their chemistry. I really enjoyed reading the following article because, in my own experience, I knew the essential oils were working for me, but I wasn’t sure why or how. I am the sort of person that needs to know the ‘why’. Learning more about the chemistry can seem daunting which is why I love how Dr. Hill breaks it down for us. He gives an easy to understand explanation of the science behind how and why these drops can do so much for our wellness. This particular article talks about essential oils and environmental threats, which is a question I get asked about a lot! He also discusses one of my favorite essential oils to use in the winter time, cinnamon! Hope you enjoy! What other resources have you found that help you understand the ‘why’ behind your favorite oils? I hope you comment below!

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