Essential Skin Care

Did you know our skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight?  And that the average adult has about 300 million skin cells which together composes about 21 square feet of skin?  Our skin renews itself about every 28 days and that dust you see accumulating on your computer screen right now?  Yes, some of that is made up of your dead skin cells that have fallen off your body.  Ewwwww, right?!  But exfoliating those dead skin cells and making room for healthy, new cells is an important step in having a healthy, glowing complexion!!

Our skin is our largest organ and keeping it nourished and healthy is extremely important.  Essential oils can be an important part of a healthy skin care routine.  As natural compounds taken from the earth, essential oils offer a pure way to care for and maintain the skin. The pure, potent nature of essential oils makes them safe for the skin, and can help you avoid the questionable ingredients and toxins that are often found in many commercial beauty products. Chemicals can often have a harsh effect on skin, and effect other areas of the body. By using natural essential oils, you can gently care for the skin without worrying about what you are putting on your body. Essential oils hold soothing, cleansing, purifying, and even skin-perfecting properties that make them ideal for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

Using essential oils for skin is extremely easy. You can tailor your essential oil experience according to your skincare preferences, sensitivities, and everyday routine. There are several ways to enjoy the benefits that essential oils hold for skin.

One simple way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils for skin is through direct topical application. Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, or diluted with a carrier oil like dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil. Keep in mind that some essential oils should always be diluted before applying to the skin in order to avoid irritation. My favorite essential oil to use topically when I have occasional skin eruptions is Melaleuca. Melaleuca, or Tea Tree oil, is best known for its purifying qualities, which make it useful for cleansing the skin.  Many times when I see something less desirable on my face at night, I will rub a little Melaleuca over the spot and the next morning that bright, red, irritated area is gone!!

Another way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils for skin is to use essential oil-infused skincare products as a way to promote healthy-looking skin and get rid of the occasional skin blemishes or irritation. doTERRA has several skincare lines that are designed for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and cleansing. Infused with pure essential oils, these products can help you to maintain soft, smooth, glowing skin.  Follow me on facebook at for the remainder of February to learn a little each day about the amazing benefits of doTERRA's skin care line.  

Live near Toledo OH and want to check out a local class?   Join me for "Love Your Skin," a free class I am doing as I team up with Beth Schoen, a local esthetician who will teach us all about loving the skin we are in and how to turn back the clock and enjoy younger, healthier skin!  Click on my home page for all of the details and for a link to register.

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