A Living Diffuser

It is always a little unnerving when someone says to you "I knew you were here before I even saw you because I could smell you" or "I could tell it was you who sat down behind me before I even looked because I could smell you."   So when someone says they can SMELL you before they can SEE you, it usually conjures up thoughts that possibly you forgot to shower after your trip to the gym or that perhaps you stepped in something you shouldn't have?!  So I typically respond with "Is that a GOOD thing or a BAD thing that you can smell me?!?!   Every time I am assured it a good thing and that I smell like essential oils.  [Breathe sigh of relief] A bit like a walking, talking, LIVING DIFFUSER I guess!?!  Then a follow up question and a question I answer often is "what do you have on today?"  or "What are you wearing that smells so good?"  This is a complicated question because I absolutely LOVE essential oils and have found that using them daily (and often!) has made a big difference in how I feel. So here is a day in the life of a 'Living Diffuser' and why I evidently tickle people's olfactory sense before they can even see me!

My day starts out with a lot of essential oil usage. First things first, when I step in the shower I put a couple drops of either Rosemary or Eucalyptus in the corner so I can smell the vapors. This helps wake me up and also opens my sinuses. Living in NW Ohio, well, let's just say I have sinus issues!! I use doTERRA's shampoo and conditioner, both infused with essential oils (I even use the conditioner to shave my legs....so soft!!) which keeps my hair healthy, clean and smelling good.

I have DRY skin.  Like super DRY skin.  Especially in the winter.  So every day when I get out of the shower, for my entire life, I have put lotion on to keep me from flaking away.  I use doTERRA's unscented body lotion now and then add a drop or 2 of oils, depending on what I am in the mood for.  On a typical day, I use AromaTouch on my legs (keeps my circulation moving and it keeps my legs from getting tired and achy when I am on my feet all day), Clary Sage on my arms (hormone support needed daily--don't judge!!) and then Slim & Sassy on my hips and tummy.  I am not as big of a fan of putting S & S in my water, but I love the support to my metabolism by using it topically!!   If my neck or back is hurting, I may use Basil layered with Deep Blue on my low back (try Deep Blue rub RIGHT after a shower and be ready for WOW!!  A VERY deep heat because your pores are opened up already).  If it is winter time and I am needing a little "liquid sunshine" I will add a drop of Wild Orange to some lotion and rub it on my chest and arms too.   The last thing I do is rub a drop of Balance on the bottom of each foot.  Gets me grounded and focused and ready to face the day.

After lotioning up, I move on to my face.  First, I put 1 drop of Yarrow Pom under my tongue then 2 drops rubbed on the driest parts of my face.  It is very blue because of the chamazulene in it, but I don't look like a smurf for long!!  It is great to support collagen repair in the skin and used internally, it really supports cell health and immune function.  I am pushing 50 after all, so I could use all of the cell health I can get!!  I then use a litte bit of Immortelle (highly diluted with fractionated coconut oil) around my eyes.  I find support for my skin but also my vision when I use Immortelle, but I really dilute it to avoid sensitivity.  Once I am finished with oils on my face, I then use my doTERRA skin care (which are also infused with essential oils) to finish toning and moisturizing.  

Throughout the day, I love using various roller bottles as perfume and for mid-day pick ups.  My favorites?  Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, and InTune.  Neroli helps my hormones, Jasmine helps my mood, Rose boosts my immunity (plus it just smells AMAZING!) and InTune helps me to focus when I feel I am getting off track.  

Now you can see why I smell like a 'Living Diffuser' and why many people smell me before they see me.  LOL!!  You also know my secrets for not only smelling great, but looking and feeling great too!  Oils not only smell good, they have so many amazing health benefits too!!  If you would like to learn more or have essential oils and need some guidance on how to use them, please connect with me today!  They can make a big difference in your life and the life of your entire family.

If you have any specific oil questions and usage questions, comment below! Or if you have any tips you would like to share on how YOU smell like a LIVING DIFFUSER I would love to see them.

Thanks for reading!


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