Hello!  I am Karla Gleason!  

Thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to connecting with you!

I am a Jesus follower, wife, mother, daughter, friend, PT,  and oil-enthusiast, looking to change lives one connection at a time!  Since being introduced to dōTERRA, I have incorporated essential oils in to every aspect of my life, including my physical therapy practice and my home life.   

I live in Maumee, Ohio with my family who all give me ample opportunities to prove the effectiveness of these gifts of the earth.  Because life can be so unpredictable, many circumstances I encounter are now met with a resounding “I have an oil for that!”  

As a family we are healthier and happier as a result of using dōTERRA's products, and now my life’s passion has become to empower other people to see how essential oils can offer solutions for wellness in their own daily routines.  

I look forward to getting to know you better to teach you how to use essential oils to foster true health and wellness in your own life!

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PS: I have put together a free downloadable handout to help YOU get started on your own essential oil journey.   The handout gives you the nuts and bolts of how to use the TOP 10 essential oils every family should have on hand to handle life’s little emergencies.  (There is BONUS material you don't want to miss as well!)



Learn how I started using essential oils in my P.T. practice

My dōTERRA team is actively growing and I am always looking for ambitious, hard working individuals who have a dream and a desire to help others while at the same time build their own financial freedom.  If you are interested in learning more about joining my team, please contact me today!   I look forward to connecting with you!

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"I was a reluctant hostess when I first decided to offer a class in my home last October but knew I wanted to share how much I love to use the doTERRA essential oils when my herb garden takes a break for the winter. Karla conducted a beautiful class right from my kitchen table for a few friends and neighbors. I was so impressed with her genuine interest in every one in our cozy group. Karla has a way of finding out everyone's interests and listening to individuals and their stories and putting everyone at ease." –Cheryl

"Karla has such a knowledgeable and unassuming way of introducing me to both the oils and the possibility of starting my own doTERRA business. She does this by always placing my well-being above making a profit. She consistently answers every question I have, including researching things she may not know right off. I have seen her meaningfully connect with everyone she meets regarding doTERRA, and while I could never choose any single product over another, I believe Karla has taught me how to be intentional about my own wellness. The beauty of listening, acknowledging, and reaching out to show someone how to be as healthy as he or she can be is what sets Karla above any other businesswoman I have met. doTERRA offers phenomenal products, to be sure, but having someone like Karla represent doTERRA will bring wellness to every heart and home. " –Lori

"Since being introduced to quality essential oils from doTERRA, I have felt empowered to care for my family and my health concerns. No more need for a trip to the store to combat seasonal threats. TriEase is my go to for seasonal threats. Breathe has been amazing for opening my sinuses. My best success was using Oregano, Melaleuca and On Guard to help diminish a large bump on my upper lip. It had been there for 25+ years. About a month and a half of using these 3 oils it finally fell off. There are so many amazing oils you can't go wrong." -Julie

When asked if essential oils really work:  "You can't argue with results!" -Dawn