Cleansing your body from the inside out

Last time we discussed a few ways to clean up your environment to help keep toxins from entering your system. Today, I want to discuss a few essential oils that can be really good to cleanse your body from the inside.

Despite our best efforts, many interactions to harmful substances are unavoidable, so our bodies are still exposed to a myriad of toxins every day. We can still take steps to minimize their effect on our health, rather than allowing the amount of toxins to build up and overload our bodies. Conducting a periodic detoxification and cleansing regime is wise and rids the body of many harmful substances to avoid toxic overload. Essential oils offer a gentle and effective way to rid the body of these toxins.

Only certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are safe for internal consumption. When selecting essential oils for detoxification purposes, always be sure to check the bottles for a supplement fact label to make sure it is safe for internal consumption. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning a cleanse or detox.

These are the top 10 Essential Oils we use in our family to gently cleanse and de-tox our bodies:

Lemon: Flushes the liver and kidneys of unwanted substances

Peppermint: Good for assisting the lymphatic system in draining

Grapefruit: Flushes the liver and kidneys. Detoxifies through the skin, urinary tract, liver, gall bladder and lymphatic system

Oregano: High in antioxidants. Good for ridding the body of yeast buildup in the gut

Juniper Berry: Increases elimination in the kidneys and enhances circulation. Detoxifies through the kidneys, skin and urinary tract

Cilantro: Cleanses the liver and kidneys

Rosemary: Enhances the function of the gallbladder to aid in detoxification

Geranium: Enhances elimination of the kidneys and aids digestive function

Cypress: Acts as a diuretic, acting to tone the blood and lymphatic vessels

Clove: Contains high levels of anti-oxidants and is excellent for neutralizing free radicals throughout the body

Cleansing and detoxing the body is a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew your environment and your commitment to health.  Cleansing can jump-start your body for a more active, healthy lifestyle.  Learn natural ways to clean up your environment using essential oils from the inside out!  Join us in January as we focus our time on eating well and cleansing our bodies from the inside out to have the best year ever!!

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