Essential oils are the Bee's Knees!!

By now you have certainly heard of the raging popularity of essential oils!  dōTERRA is credited with taking the usage of essential oils out of the boutique type setting and putting them in the mainstream.  Essential oils are being used to support health and wellness of individuals of all ages around the globe!  Is this just a fad?  It's doubtful.  Essential oils have been used for centuries (they found live essential oils in King Tut's tomb!) and their recent popularity stems from better research into their effectiveness and greater availability of different types of oils through better distillation practices.  Oils support our bodies in ways that are natural and friendly to the body.  Because our bodies see essential oils as friendly and helpful, they are welcomed in like an old family friend!  Unlike medications which can be seen by the body as toxic, essential oils are being rediscovered as an effective way to help the body help itself.

The Bee's Knees is an old expression used at the turn of the last century and it came to be known as "the height of excellence."  Because dōTERRA essential oils are so incredibly versatile, they can be used for all sorts of applications around the home.  To me, the height of excellence is being able to take care of my family in a way that is safe and natural.  I don't have to worry about nasty side effects when I use essential oils on my children.   I don't have to worry about harmful toxins being put out in the air when I clean with essential oils.  Because essential oils have proven to me effective over and over again,  I have confidence knowing I am providing the absolute best care for my family.  For pennies per application, I am able to offer the most beneficial and effective support for so many situations!  For this family on a tight budget, that is absolutely THE BEE's KNEES!!!

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Penny Patterson

May 17, 2018 09:07 AM CDT

I agree I use my oils every day.

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